Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The details...

We're glad you stopped by! If you're looking to decorate your blog and give it a cute, fun look at a great price - we're your girls! We would love to makeover your blog.

We have three different options for you.
The first option is a PREDESIGNED PACKAGE.
The pre-designed package costs $25. What you'll do is check out the many sample blogs we have designed (they are listed below this post) and you can pick and choose/mix and match the elements that we have to offer that are all ready to go. It's an inexpensive way to update the look of your blog and it only takes a day or two to get it done, plus it's super cute!
You'll get:
  • a very cute background
  • a very cute banner
  • three sidebars
  • a piece of happy art :)
  • Blog set-up (if you don't already have a blog) and Installation
For an additional fee you can get the following items added:
  • A cute framed profile photo with your contact information - $3
  • Additional sidebars - $2 each
  • Custom font for blog post titles - $5
  • Signature - $3
  • "No right click" coding added (disables the right-clicking function on your blog to give added protection for your images, work) - $2
  • Post Divider - $5
  • Tabs across the top of your blog (extra pages for your blog - a new Blogger feature) $5 a piece
The second option we have for you is the:
The customized package costs $125 and includes all of the above (including the additional items), but it allows for a bit more of a customized look because you are able to choose from all of Crystal's designs and then we will customize the way we put them together on your blog just the way you'd like it. If you want us to make a custom element from scratch, that is something you need to contact us about to see if it 1) is possible to do and 2) how much extra that will cost. Otherwise all blog elements will have to be chosen from the many collections that Crystal has to offer. E-mail us to get links to those collections. If you have any questions about this, please e-mail us. The customized package does take a bit more time to get done - roughly a week or so, but it does offer a one-of-a-kind look to your blog. It's worth the extra money and time!

The third option we have for you is:
For right now this is limited to: happy art and frames. We will be selling the rest of our pre-designed items individually in the near future. If you have a need for one right now, you can e-mail me and I will work with you on that. The individual purchasing is nice because it allows you to pick and choose an element for your blog that you want and then you can install it yourself on your blog if you are already aware how to do so. Just click on the store logo on the sidebar to go and look through what we have to offer and to click and order what you'd like. After you fill up your shopping cart, you can pay via Paypal, download your items and you're good to go! The individual prices are as follows:
  • Frame for photo - $3
  • Piece of Happy Art - $3
  • Banner - $15 for predesigned piece or $25 for custom banner
  • Blinkie - $10
  • Grab button (to add with blinkie) - $5
  • Etsy banner - $15
Some other details about the packages:
  • This will be done on a first-come first-serve basis, so don't wait!
  • Right now we only offer complete blog designs for Blogger accounts, but we are able to design banners and add some happy art to your Typepad blog if you'd like! E-mail me for the cost for that. It's an inexpensive way to update your blog! The frames and happy art elements can be used on any blogging website. You might have to tweak them a bit, but you'll have that option after you purchase them.
  • The whole process will only take a couple days from beginning to end for the pre-designed templates and no more than a week for the customized designs.
  • To see the samples we have to choose from, see the posts below this one. :)
  • We only accept payment for our services via Paypal.
  • Your blog will thank you ;)

    Click HERE to fill out an order form. Once you do that you'll have an updated blog look in no time!

    Thanks for stopping by! We look forward to working with you!


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